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There’s an excellent chance you already know Heidi Reed from Petaluma’s popular candy store, The Sweet Zone. Along with her husband, she has been the owner for the past several years. 

To Heidi, the store represents her love for this community. The Sweet Zone has enabled her to get to know other small businesses in the area and to give neighborhood kids their first job experiences. Heidi’s community involvement also includes donating to fundraisers and taking part in area events. She believes that a good realtor needs to not only know and understand the local landscape but should also help promote its growth and vitality.

 As a realtor with Cunha + Clarke Group, Heidi cares deeply about people and sincerely wants her clients to love where they live. She also listens – truly listens. She has the intelligence and work ethic to continually learn about real estate and how to better serve her clients. 

A calming presence, Heidi maintains focus under pressure and knows how to ease any stress clients may be feeling. This reflects her background as an ER Nurse for nine years, which has made her highly resourceful in solving problems that inevitably come up in the home buying or selling process.

When she was 10, Heidi’s family moved to Sonoma County where she has lived for almost 30 years now, with the last 20 being in Petaluma. That’s where she and her husband chose to raise their family, which today includes their two children, as well as two dogs and one cat (all three are rescues).

So whether you’re looking to buy or sell a home, you can count on Heidi to put together a deal for you that can only be described as… sweet!